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Interpretation of the 120w charger

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1)Interpretation of the 120w charger

Hunda is the world's leading notebook power adapter manufacturer ", this is from the official website of Hongda Shun manifesto. In fact, many of our laptop chargers are from Hongda Shun, today our protagonist Hongda 120W 2A2C charger is one of the best. The charger can not only provide enough power for a laptop, but also serve a variety of products such as phones, tablets and game consoles, making it a "desktop nuclear power plant."


Hongda 120W charger comes in a paper case, mainly in black, spliced in yellow, with some stripes on the surface. A rendering of the charger is visible on the front, along with the product name and key selling points.


The top part of the back is still for selling points, while the bottom part is for parameters, which will be said along with the parameters on the charger.


On the side is a solid yellow background, and the most attractive feature is the "120W turbo adapter". It seems that the charger industry has to learn from the auto industry. We believe that regardless of the supercharging, the user experience is king, and we will test and analyze it later.


When you open the package, you can see that the product is wrapped in plastic bubble bag and protected by paper shell. Although the method is rough, the protection performance should be good. Note: Power cable *1 Base bracket *1 is printed on the paper case.


This kind of power cord often can be seen in the life actually, computer, refrigerator, electric rice cooker can use similar wire.


Both ends are three-pin plug and three-hole socket respectively, which will be relatively safer.


In addition to making the charger easier to use, the base holder has a twist that it can be used as a phone holder.


As the picture shows, you can play while charging, visible designer also spent thought.


The contents of the package are the base bracket, charger, power cord and instruction manual.

2)Appearance display


Hongda Power produced this 120W charger cuboid, volume is not small, a lot of holes, at first glance does not look like a charger, but like a small table dock.


The four interfaces are two USB-A and USB-C interfaces respectively, and there is an indicator light on it, which is arranged neatly from top to bottom. The USB-A connector is orange, printed with the "QC3.0" logo, and should support QC3.0 fast charge; "PD", "PPS" and "QC4+" are printed on the side of USB-C, indicating support for the fast charging "three-panel ax".


The charger is dominated by black, and the shell is splice made of micro frosted black and bright black. "HUWDER Hongda Power Supply" is printed in the center of the side, indicating the brand ownership. One form of use is on the base that comes with the package, which makes the charger stand up and look neater.


On the other side, there are four footpads in the four corners, which can be placed more firmly.


The curved groove on the side can increase the friction, making it safer and more convenient to use.


In addition to the input interface, product parameter information is printed on the top.


The input interface is a rare font. The parameters are summarized as follows:

USB PD power adapter

Model: A1903

Input: 100-240V 2A 50-60Hz

Total output: 120W (Max)

Usb-c x 1:5V / 9V /12V/15V 3A 20V 5A (single port)

PPS× 1:3.3V-20V 5A (single port)

(USB-C/PPS) x 2:5V / 9V /12V/15V/20V 3A (single port)

Usb-a: 4.5V5A 5V4.5A 3.6V-6V3A 6V-9V2A 9V-12V1.5A (single port)