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GaN Charger vs. PD Charger
In today's world, smartphones and other mobile devices have become an essentiapart of our daily lives. We rely heavily on these devices to stay connected with ourloved ones, complete our work tasks, and enjoy entertainment on the go. Howevelthese devices are only as good as their battery life, and w
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USB Phone Charger
If you’ve ever scrambled out the door with your phone’s battery in the red, you know that power is precious, and the faster you can
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High-performance Power Supply Joint Research Base
PD GaN wall charger High-performance Power Supply Joint Research Base
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Important Note:ExhibitionTrade Fair arrange time 2023
HUNDA charger ExhibitionTrade Fair arrange time 2023
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multiport desktop charger fast charges 6 devices simultaneously—including a laptop
Tired of your devices all running out of juice at the same time? Charge them simultaneously—and quickly—with this compact 6-port GaN charger
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Interpretation of the 120w charger
Hunda is the world's leading notebook power adapter manufacturer ", this is from the official website of Hongda Shun manifesto. In fact, many of our laptop chargers are from Hongda Shun, today our protagonist Hongda 120W 2A2C charger is one of the best. The charger can not only provide enough power
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Teardown report: Hunda 240W 3C3A six-port gallium nitride travel charger
Today I am dismantling a giant PD fast charger, a 240W gallium nitride fast charger from HUNDA. Not to mention the six output ports of 3C3A, it also supports a total output power of 240W, which can simultaneously satisfy two notebooks with 100W charging and two mobile phone fast charging, or three n
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65w GaN disassembled report
Recently, the charging head network got A 65W gallium nitride charger from HUWDER Hongdashun, which is A product with 65W gallium nitride quick charge that is standard to the mainstream market. It is equipped with three USB ports 2C1A, and both the double C ports support 65W PD fast charge, which
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