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multiport desktop charger fast charges 6 devices simultaneously—including a laptop

Views: 72     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-11      Origin: Site

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Tired of your devices all running out of juice at the same time? Charge them simultaneously—and quickly—with this compact 6-port GaN charger

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Carry this GaN charger in your pocket

For all of its power and ports, this multiport charger is relatively small. Measuring just 83 by 110 mm, it fits easily in your pocket.  That’s thanks to its Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor material, which makes it smaller than the typical charger


Upgrade your workspace with the HUNDA 240W/120W 6-port wall charger. This multiport charger delivers a powerful 240-watt supply and fast charges up to 6 devices at the same time. It ensures your tech is always ready for you.

You’re at the office when you notice that your tablet’s battery is at 10%. Meanwhile, your laptop also needs a boost, and you’ll need both for that meeting that starts in an hour.  What can you do? Well, you could reach for the HUNDA 240W/120W. With its 6 fast-charging ports, it’s a powerful, quick charging tool you’ll always have at your disposal desktop charger


Get 6 quick-charging ports in one device

Most multiport chargers have 1 or 2 fast-charging ports. But the HUNDA 240W/120W beats them all with its 6 fast-charging USB ports. That way, you’ll never have to choose which of your devices you want to be ready the fastest.  In fact, this multiport charger comes with 3 100-watt USB-C ports, a 35-watt USB-A port, and 2 18-watt USB-A ports. Each port has its fast-charging chip, and they can all go into a fast-charging state when the others are in use


Charge 3 laptops at once

As you can imagine, with 240 watts, the HUNDA 240W/120W is a pretty powerful gadget. And, yes, those 6 ports can handle larger devices, like laptops. In fact, this multiport charger can charge 3 laptops and 3 smartphones all at the same time

So now you can finally stop using multiple chargers for your devices and keep just this one on top of your desk. It provides reliable charging for pretty much any workflow


See your devices’ charging status on the display

But the HUNDA 240W/120W’s incredible features don’t end there. It also has a real-time LED wattage display for each port, which gets updated 3 times per second, indicating your device’s charging status. This is super convenient because how many times have you connected your smartphone to your bedside outlet, only to find that the phone didn’t charge because someone turned the power switch off?  Or maybe you’ve run into charging issues due to a frayed cable or weak contact with the charger? Those won’t be issues anymore with the HUNDA 240W/120W since you always get a clear picture of how the charge is going